Latest ratings show more people watch CARTOONS than watch CNN right now

Anderson Copper is no match for the Powerpuff Girls and Bugs Bunny

CNN's ratings

The fallout over CNN’s fake news and liberal bias has taken a toll, as ratings for the news network continue to plummet. In fact, last week, more people watched cartoons on a kids’ network than CNN.

The latest cable TV ratings posted by TV Newser show that in primetime, while Fox News remains the #1 cable network, CNN has fallen to #13. When daytime ratings are factored in, CNN’s ratings manage to come in at #10. That puts the channel behind MSNBC, USA Network, TBS, and – wait for it – Nick at Nite and Cartoon Network.

The Federalist reports.

Last week, more Americans tuned in to watch re-runs of “Yogi Bear,” “Full House,” and “Friends” on Nick At Nite than to watch Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon’s shows on CNN.

According to cable ratings from the week of June 26-July 2, CNN’s viewership of its primetime shows was ranked significantly lower than its competitors like Fox News and MSNBC, which place first and second respectively. Clocking in at No. 10 on the list, CNN fell behind HGTV, Nick At Nite, History Channel, and ESPN — the sports network that’s been hemorrhaging viewers for months.

CNN’s ratings nosedive corresponds with the network’s ongoing feud with President Donald Trump. Last week, Trump tweeted out a GIF of himself appearing to pummel a wrestler with CNN’s logo superimposed over the latter’s face. The network has covered the tweet nearly nonstop ever since. It also went after the Redditor who made the GIF and threatened to dox him unless he apologized and promised to never say anything CNN dislikes again — a move that drew much criticism and may have been illegal.

On July 4, CNN published a fake quote from Abraham Lincoln. On Thursday morning, the network falsely claimed German Prime Minister Angela Merkel had chosen the location of the G20 summit to sabotage Trump.

Here is a breakdown of primetime ratings for last week. Cartoon Network pulls ahead of CNN’s ratings when daytime ratings are factored in.

CNN's ratings

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