LEAKED: Disturbing Audio of SWAT Team Breaching Shooter’s Hotel Room Revealed (LISTEN)

hotel vegas swat raid audio

Just hours ago, the deadliest mass shooting in all of US history took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stephen Paddock barricaded himself into a 32nd floor hotel room, and shot hundreds of rounds into a crowd attending a Jason Aldean concert.

The SWAT team was quickly called onto the scene to investigate, and it didn’t take them long to find Paddock’s hotel room. After breaching the door however, rather than being able to arrest him, they found that he’d already put a bullet through his own skull.

Chilling audio has emerged of the SWAT team’s mission however, as they ran up the stairs, communicated with dispatch, and burst into the shooter’s barricaded room. Some users may find this footage disturbing, and it is cautioned that you listen to it at your own risk.

“We just hit on the suspect’s door. I need everybody in that hallway to be aware of it and get back,” one SWAT officer said. “We need to pop this and see if we get any type of response from this guy, to see if he’s in here or if he’s actually moved somewhere else.”

Dispatch then responds: “Copy. All units on the 32nd floor, SWAT has explosive breach. Everyone in the hallway needs to move back, all units move back.” The SWAT leader then yells “breach,” three times and the charge is detonated—a huge explosion can be heard in the background.

“One suspect down in 135, floor 32. Mandalay Bay. I have the floor,” he says after clearing the room. This just goes to show you that our law enforcement officials put their lives on the line every single day, not knowing if they’ll be able to come home to their families after work.

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