A leaked document containing an internal poll from a major pollster for the 2016 election. Obtained by Silence is Consent.

 “The results will need to be heavily cleansed before release”

Leaked Doc Trump

Download the full PDF document right HERE.

Now prepare for the SPIN from the left and right. I see many coming from both sides. And PPP has tweeted about it choosing to make fun of trump supporters instead of saying whether it’s fake or not.

But this rolling online poll sample size 150k has very similar numbers:


“To me the proof lies in the rallies and a Drudge poll from January. Trump pulling 10x as many to his rallies consistently. Drudge poll was over 1 million votes cast. And there were still many candidates at that time. Trump led at 36. Hillary was sub 1 percent.” -Dan Lyman


Another ‘un-cooked’ poll: GO HERE, vote and see for yourself.



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