Levin Roars: Barack Obama is a ‘Truly Sick’ Man


On Tuesday’s radio program, Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin excoriated President Obama for continuing his apology tour in communist Vietnam.

“We have Barack Obama overseas right now, and you know what he’s doing again?” Levin asked. “He’s in Communist Vietnam, apologizing for America.”


President Obama, speaking in Vietnam, said that the United States was still dealing with its shortcomings, naming money in politics, income inequality, and the phony gender pay gap among America’s sins.

“How dare this man go into a communist country like Vietnam, with its political prisoners,” roared Levin, “and trash America, this great country America!”

“When he goes over there,” Levin explained, “he’s not trashing our country. He’s trashing us. We the people. This is what I want Republicans to confront, this is what I want Trump to confront!”

President Obama hates America, Levin said. He asked, is it too much for Republicans to stand up and call him out on it?

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