Liberal Company Claims It Just Saved the World From the Evils of…..PLASTIC STRAWS?

straw ban

An American company with a history of radical liberal activism is REALLY hoping America forgets that they’ve been acting pretty racist lately. Maybe that’s why they are acting like their decision to ditch plastic straws is Nobel Peace Prize-worthy.

In an epic effort to change the negative public perception of their company, Starbucks is embracing the environment like never before. Their newest PR stunt involves the elimination of plastic straws in their stores, which they claim will eliminate one billion straws from the world.

The announcement comes after several instances in which black customers were mistreated in their restaurants. In one case, two black men were arrested while waiting for a friend to arrive.

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That’s why Starbucks is hitching itself to the environmental bandwagon,

Even though a plastic straw ban sounds like a good idea, it won’t make much of a difference on the environment. We explain below why that is the case.

If Starbucks wants to stop major carbon emissions, it will stop roasting its coffee beans. But that isn’t likely to happen, and they hope you don’t think about that.

Instead, in a series of tweets, Starbucks acts like they’ve just changed the way modern man lives by eliminating plastic straws.

They even found someone who claims Starbucks is saving the oceans too.

While Starbucks is making a big deal about it, the move won’t make a big difference in the environment. While any kind of plastic product is bad for the environment, straws are not a major contributor to litter, even in the seas.

In addition, most of the trash in the world’s seas comes from third world nations. America, by comparison, does a pretty good job of not littering up the world for an industrialized nation. This straw ban won’t make a dent in the huge problem of trash in the Pacific ocean. Talk to China about that.

The tweet also claims that Americans throw away half a billion straws each day. There is a big dispute over that number, as some claim it is statistically impossible to produce and throw away a billion straws in the United States every two days.

The group that provided the information the claim is based on doesn’t disclose its sources.

But at least America forgot Starbucks is racist. And hates President Trump. And pollutes the air by roasting their nasty coffee beans.

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