Liberal Media Loses Their Minds Over Trump Phone Call, Ignores Obama’s $1.83 Billion in Weapons Sale to Taiwan

The Media goes def-con one over Trump phone call from Taiwans democratically elected President while they ignore Obama’s $1.83 Billion weapons sale to Taiwan.

Cable news networks went crazy with hyperbole over President-Elec Trump decision to accept Taiwan’s call. It is all you would hear about this weekend. It was all over television screens. Newspapers front-pages screamed ominous predictions, and warning of an end-of-days showdown with the People’s Republic of China.  President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to take a call from Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, parts ways with decades of US foreign policy protocol, or does it? Perhaps these same networks should have made as big a deal about President Obama’s $1.83 Billion dollar weapons sale. This sale just happened last year December 2015. We didn’t hear any warning of an end-of-days showdown with the People’s Republic of China.  Donald Trump’s decision to take a call from Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, does not part ways with decades of US foreign policy protocol. Obama already did that. I would argue this is a much bigger risk for alienating China than one phone call accepted by Trump. Trump accepted the call and IT WAS ONE PHONE CALL, not an arms sale.

“China views Taiwan as a renegade province and, since 1979, the US has acknowledged Beijing’s claim that Taiwan is part of China, with US-China relations governed by a set of protocols known as the ‘one China’ policy,” explains CNN.

What these alarmists failed to mention was the fact that President Obama’s own Taiwan policy hasn’t actually been all that “diplomatic.” In fact, the Obama administration authorized a $1.83 billion weapons sale to Taiwan last December. The administration pushed through the sale of arms despite staunch Chinese opposition. That’s an understatement. Beijing was furious at Obama’s provocation at the time.

The deal is “a serious violation of international laws … as well as China’s territory and security interest,” Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang said in a statement broadcast via state news agency Xinhua. “To safeguard our national interests, China has decided to take necessary measures, including imposing sanctions against the companies involved in the arms sale.”

For its part, Taiwan celebrated the overture, calling the weapons deal “a comprehensive display of America’s pledge to provide security to Taiwan.”

Responding to China’s ire,  US officials in the Obama administration attempted to play down the significance of the deal. The mainstream media has also complied in playing down the weapons sale. No hypocrisy there (sarcasm). Next time you hear the mainstream media decry Donald Trump for this or that just remember the way they treated Obama with compliance, and agreement.


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