Liberal Media Snubs Melania Trump’s Visit to Abused Children’s Home

How does the liberal media respond to the First Lady when she tries to raise awareness of victims of abuse? They decide those victims just are not newsworthy enough.

On April 14th, First Lady Melania Trump made an unscheduled visit to HomeSafe in Lake Worth Florida.

HomeSafe runs a series of residential group homes for childhood victims of abuse.

“HomeSafe provides comprehensive programs preventing new cases of violence, protecting victims of child abuse and domestic violence, and preparing infants, children, young adults and families for safer, more productive lives.”

The population the FLOTUS visited was a group of young teenagers, ages 12-17 who have been removed from their homes due to abuse. The FLOTUS spent almost an hour with the girls and provided them with Easter baskets and small gifts.

For young girls who have seen such an ugly world, seeing a gracious and elegant first lady visit them had to be inspiring.

From the HomeSafe press release:

“We were thrilled to have the First Lady here and for our girls to spend time with her,” said Matthew Ladika, CEO of HomeSafe. “What a unique experience for them. This is something they will never forget.”

Media attention equals monies to stay afloat.

For a program such as HomeSafe to receive such attention would normally be an opportunity of a lifetime. To get nationwide attention for programs like these often translate into donations that keep these programs operational.

So where was the media?

With the exception of conservative media, since it was a Trump who made the visit, there was a media blackout. After all, the liberal media would rather abused girls continue to suffer rather than promote a good deed by a, (GASP!) Trump.

When liberal media ignores an opportunity to help abused children because a member of the Trump family facilitated such attention, they have sunk to a low never before thought possible.

Abused young girls have had the visit of a lifetime. Regardless of the liberal media’s blackout, conservatives will get the word out.

Hypocrisy that is unforgiveable.

Recently hysterical women marched on Washington DC in pink genitalia hats and costumes because it was President Trump who was a threat to women.  Turns out, Democrats and their liberal media whores are the real threat to these young girls. When people fail to show up and promote such a good cause simply because of political alliances, they show the true heartlessness of an entire political party and their minions.

No pink hat parades for these little girls? This hypocrisy underscores how “valuable” women really are to politicians, including female politicians. Maybe if one of these young girls needed an abortion, then the media would show up?

If you would like to donate to HomeSafe, here is their website:

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