Liberal Mob Storm Trump’s Motorcade, Beat, Rob and Spit on Trump Supporters


Donald Trump made his first visit to Minneapolis as the Republican presidential candidate Friday night for a private fundraiser.

As usual, the New York businessman arrived at the Minneapolis Convention Center he was greeted by dozens of unruly protesters.

Demonstrating the tolerance that they claim others do not show, liberal protesters jostled, verbally harassed and spat on fundraiser attendees as they left the convention center.

Trump’s motorcade had a hard time making its way through the streets as protesters jumped on the hood of a Secret Service SUV in Trump’s motorcade as the candidate was leaving the building.

From Gateway Pundit:



Police can be seen moving in to clear the protesters but only after a major security breach had taken place.

The video was posted by Emma Sapong with MPR.

The Star Tribune posted a photo of police rushing in to protect the motorcade. The caption used downplays the chaos and harassment caused by the protesters.


The Leftist website Unicorn Riot accused the Secret Service of attacking the protesters who blocked Trump’s motorcade.

Inclusive tolerant leftist totalitarians are doing what they do best – rioting and destroying, proving once again that Crooked Hillary’s supporters are nothing but mob-mentality, weak minded individuals who love to hate.

Watching these Soros-paid protestors, it’s understandable how Hitler came to power.

Trump is now a presidential candidate and is afforded 24/7 protection of Secret Service. This should never have been allowed on his route and these people should be arrested for threatening a candidate.

We are not a 3rd world country and not allowed by the Secret Service. What happened to the concept of Rule of Law?

#Like and #Share if you think law enforcement should just mace, tase or run over their commie butts next time.

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