Liberal Psychopath Executes GOP Volunteer While His Wife Watches – Look What Twisted Thing He Does Next

Trump supporter murdered

Hillary supporters in this country are completely out of control. Every single day, they attack innocent Republicans, all the while claiming that Trump voters are the ones that are fascists.

Never before has there been this much violence surrounding political candidates. There are videos of Trump supporters being punched in the face, tortured and worse…all for their political opinion. The leftist sickos in New York City even staged a play with a “fake assassination” of Donald Trump.

Being a conservative in today’s age is a very dangerous thing, indeed—but for one man, it turned out to be more than just dangerous. It turned out to be outright deadly.

A Pennsylvanian man has recently been charged with murder over the shooting death of his neighbor, in a disturbing chain of events. Police have arrested Clayton Carter, 51, over the murder of G. Brooks Jennings—and while not much information has been revealed, a few things are clear.

The murder seems to be largely politically motivated. Carter was a vehement anti-Trump leftist, who was known for starting political arguments and hanging up obnoxious virtue-signalling signs in his yard. Unfortunately for Jennings, however, one argument quickly turned deadly.

ABC reports:

Shortly before 8 p.m. Monday, police responded to the 300 block of Box Elder Drive for a dispute between Carter and Jennings about cursing and video recording in the back yard. Police said they were able to resolve that dispute.

Then at approximately 1 a.m. Tuesday, police say the neighbors got into another dispute. Carter told police that Jennings shined a light into his eyes while he was outside. Carter then allegedly pulled a car onto his lawn, shining the high beams of the car on Jennings’ property.

Carter then allegedly retrieved a .380 semi-automatic handgun from his house and confronted the victim again outside.

Officials say Carter shot Jennings once in the head, knocking him to the ground. Carter then allegedly stood over Jennings’ body and shot him once more in the head.

While much is still uncertain, what is clear is that the murder was done in an execution style fashion—one bullet to kill the victim, and another once he was on the ground to ensure he was dead. This is what’s so twisted: he didn’t have to shoot the man in the head once he was on the ground.

If this was truly an act of “self defense,” as the defendant is claiming, why would he shoot the man when he was on the ground, and had already been shot? He wouldn’t have. The threat was completely neutralized, assuming he even was a threat, and there would have been no need to shoot him once more.

While some are dismissing this as an impulsive action, many conservatives believe it was an assassination. Even more sickening is the fact that Mr. Jennings’ wife had to witness the execution of her own husband. ABC adds that she “…saw Carter stand over her husband as he fired the second shot.”

As liberals grow more bold in their actions, and begin resorting to violence, many are wondering when conservatives will say they’ve had enough. It’s time that we start cracking down on these nut jobs who think it’s okay to kill someone over their political opinion, because if we don’t, we could be living under a Stasi-style government in just a few years.

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