Liberal reporter marks Memorial Day by slamming Marines as sexist perverts

Marines scandal

Alex Ward, a writer for Vox, marked Memorial Day like any liberal member of the media would – by attacking members of the military.

For some reason, Ward picked Memorial Day to run a story about a scandal that’s a year old. Don’t worry, however, because when liberals attack our military, no story is too old.

Ward published a story titled “The Marine Corps has a ‘toxic masculinity’ problem,” based entirely on his “triggering” because he saw a commercial for the Marines.

The commercial features female Marines, which reminds Ward of the scandal which broke last year, in which female Marines had their nude pictures posted online by male Marines.

Even though the Marines have made significant changes to the culture and punished many of those responsible, Ward is going to paint all Marines with a broad brush, and insists in the article that the Marines still have a serious problem with women. His projection of this isolated scandal fed his all of his prejudices against Marines, and Vox gave him a platform.

Ward is seriously upset, because he just noticed the scandal is making it hard for men and women to serve together. War is, like, so harsh, Ward seems to suggest. He also seems to think the first thing that comes to mind in combat is the revenge porn someone you don’t know posted on Facebook.

From the column on

The commercial dredged up memories of last March’s “Marines United” scandal, where male Marines shared photos of naked female Marines, veterans, and other women on Facebook without their consent. Around thirty Marines face courts-martial for their involvement in the group.

Marine leaders are trying to change the culture with measures like a new rule that says Marines can be forced out of the service if they share nude pictures online without consent.

That change comes at a vital time. Marines already have been asked to fight overseas during the Trump administration, and if men and women in the service distrust one another, it’s going to make their high-stakes deployments even harder. (Right now, Marines are firing weaponry at ISIS in Syria and deploying into “hot spots” in Iraq.)

There’s a “toxic masculinity culture” in the Marine Corps, James Joyner, a professor at the Marine Command and Staff College, told me.

That may be what is at the core of the women-in-infantry debate among Marine ranks: the identity crisis of a historically macho club now being forced to let in women.

Now that the Marine Corps must allow women to serve in combat roles — and is putting out recruiting commercials highlighting that fact — it tears at the social fabric of the service. That has led many to act out, some anonymously, online.

Ward then exclaims that the Marines scandal “the fight for the soul of the Marine Corps is just getting started.”

I’m sure the Marines would disagree.




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