Children stuck in adult bodies literally ‘egging’ on Trump

Donald Trump resistance

“Resisting” the current democratically-elected president has been the battle cry of the far left since November.

The Donald Trump resistance movement includes disrupting community Town Hall meetings, protesting in the streets, and various actors and actresses making incredibly unartistic commercials promoting more of the same.

Sigghhhh. It all has gotten so mundane. Until now.

Travis Moonschein, a 36 year old resident of Massachusetts, was arrested for “egging” Trump Tower in New York City Sunday night.

Moonschein was arrested around 10:40PM for criminal tampering and littering after he threw several eggs.

It is not believed President Trump was in any danger from the egg wielding foe. Had Moonschein done his homework, he would have known President Trump has not been to New York city since the inauguration.

Additionally, eggs, while unpleasant weapons, generally do not pose an immediate danger.

What next liberals? Graffiti on bathroom stalls? “TP” the White House lawn? Maybe some prank phone calls?

Calling Mr. Freely, Mr. I. P. Freely.

If anything, the “egging” broke up the monotony of CNN diatribes and Soros-funded vague protests.

Maybe next liberals could host “Town Hall Meetings” during recess at their local elementary schools to finally get some original ideas.

Warning, there will be glitter.

At this rate, the average fourth grader has more originality than all the leftist liberals in New York.

But at least they are entertaining.

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