Liberals need medication to cope with President Trump, and we have the answer!

Sean Spicer was recently verbally accosted by a hysterical young woman while running an errand at a local Apple Store. It seems anyone working for the Trump Administration is now considered fair game by the “opposing team.”

As it turns out, the woman who ambushed Spicer was a liberal activist who stages public demonstrations of Republicans. She claims to be the one who organized a protest against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. That protest blocked her from visiting a Washington D.C. school. It begs the question: are Trump protesters like this woman actually stalking Trump administration officials, in order to ambush and protest them? If so, we may be talking about someone with a serious mental issue.

Here’s the video of the ambush of Sean Spicer at a D.C. Apple store.

Given all the physical repercussions of living in constant “fear” of an American President, it was time to intervene. Liberals need to deal with their fear and angst the way many Americans do: MEDICATION!

Thus the development of the this revolutionary medical breakthrough.

Is the Trump Administration causing insomnia and weight gain? Are you still unable to cope with the November election results?

Do you struggle with hysterics, irrational name calling, and difficulty forming rational counter-arguments? Is EVERYONE around you a racist Nazi?

If so, you may be suffering from Liberal Meltdown Syndrome (LMS).

LMS is a complex syndrome brought on by living in a country of prosperity and privilege while never having to make any type of sacrifice to ensure such privileges. While the primary population affected is the Millennial, older subjects have also been identified as having LMS. These subjects tend to be richer, live in “gated communities” in Hollywood or similar type or settings, and as a rule have never served in the Military.

Liberals, still unable to cope with living in a country that allows the people to elect their own leaders AND follow the Constitution now have help!

Now there is low cost, effective help.

Whineynomore, a new medication recently approved by the Republican House and Senate, is now available for the cost of a non-fat latte a day!

Thats right, for $4.95 a day, you can be calm, cool, and collected. When taken consistently for over a week, subjects report being rational, reasonable, and logical.

While terrifying at first, most subjects chose to stay rational and continued the medication.

This cost is not covered by any form of health insurance as most sane adults have no need for the medication.

Side effects include a hypersensitivity to illogical arguments, pink “cat” hats, and a lack of knowledge regarding US history or the Constitution.

Warning, subjects taking Whineynomore have reported anaphylaxis when hearing the voice of Meryl Streep and other Hollywood liberal elites talking politics.

Order yours today. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and members of the DNC will require double doses for minimal effectiveness.

What do you think about Trump protesters? Do they need medication just to get through their pathetic excuse for a day? Let us know in the comments, and in addition, share this on social media!



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