Liberals Outraged After ‘South Park’ Creators Come Out as REPUBLICANS at Hollywood Event

South Park creators

Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the Emmy-winning duo who created the hit show “South Park,” recently came out as Republicans – in front of a room full of liberals who had just given them a “Freedom” award.

According to, Parker and Stone were being honored by People for the American Way (PFAW), the left-wing advocacy group formed by “All in the Family” creator Norman Lear. PFAW has spent most of its existence fighting against conservative values, rising to prominence in the 1980s to combat Ronald Reagan’s agenda and the Christian political movement championed by Pat Robertson and others.

The South Park creators raised eyebrows when they asked conservative columnist Larry Elder to introduce them at the ceremony. Those in attendance thought it as a joke, but the duo then shocked everyone when they announced they were Republicans. The statement was met with nervous laughter from the crowd, as if it was forbidden to even JOKE about being a Republican in Hollywood. The pair then doubled down and insisted they were serious about their proclamation, which was met with disbelief by the crowd.

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In all fairness, Parker and Stone have used “South Park” to skewer everyone in the political and cultural spectrum, from Trump to Hillary, and even featured Mohammed, Satan, and Jesus in their show. They are equal opportunity offenders, so Republicans shouldn’t get too excited.

Elder tweeted about the incident at the event, and we wish we had been there.

Pawl Bazile of Dangerous has more on the announcement by the South Park creators.

The South Park creative powerhouses were receiving a “Freedom” award from People for the American Way and needed to reaffirm in front of the audience of high profile entertainment insiders, “No seriously, we’re republicans,” after the audience became uncomfortably chuckled at the concept of right wingers among them. Larry Elder tweeted about the crowd’s reaction saying:

“Trey Parker & Matt Stone of @SouthPark asked me to introduce them when they received a ‘freedom’ award from Norman Lear’s organization. After they graciously accepted, they said, ‘We’re republicans.’ Nervous laughter. They repeated, ‘No, seriously, we’re republicans.’”

People for the American Way Foundation is an advocacy group for progressive values chaired by television legend Norman Lear from All in the Family and Sanford and Son fame. Lear has a consistent track of advocating for free speech and showcasing politically incorrect programming. However, the PFAW mission statement includes in no uncertain terms it is a “…progressive advocacy organizations founded to fight right-wing extremism…”

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren has said, “PFAW was created to be an important shield against the very right-wing extremism we’re now up against.”

Either the PFAW was unaware of the South Park creators’ political leanings, or at the age of 95 Lear is too old to care. No topic is safe from Parker and Stone. They have roasted Rosie, Hillary, George W. Bush, Trump, Oprah, Christians, Jews, Mormons, Scientology, New Jersey, Yelp, rednecks, feminists, the Japanese, NAMBLA, J-Lo, Whole Foods and plenty more on their show. They famously got in hot water for making Mohammad a South Park character, and revisiting it after the events of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack.

South Park even dedicated one of their best seasons to mocking all modern P.C. culture.

Parker and Stone have both at one time been registered Republicans, but lean more toward the libertarian side of the spectrum. In 2005 Matt Stone said “I hate conservatives, but I really fucking hate liberals.”

Parker once mused, “We used to have a great time going to Hollywood parties and saying ‘I think George Bush is doing a great job.’ We’d clear out the room. I used to love it.”

When a Huffington Post writer asked them in 2010 which group over the years they most pissed off, both reported: “liberals.”

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