Liberals Redefining America with their Twisted, Make-Believe Vocabulary

The 2016 election has changed America forever. While many Americans look forward to the future with optimism, the left continues an ever ongoing meltdown. Part of this continual temper tantrum by the left includes re-defining our culture and our language. Confirmation of this is shown in the most recent additions to the dictionary. Recently the Webster Dictionary added several new words to the dictionary.

Fancy words like microaggression.

Microaggression: An often unintentional¬†slight or comment against marginalized groups. Ex. Using “that’s so gay,” to refer to something.”

Multiple common words have been re-defined by the liberal elite. Lets review a 2016-17 vocabulary lesson.

Liberal – a person who is a self appointed savior of the world. Tolerance for others’ opinions is zero and a contradictory opinion will result in a literal ‘liberal meltdown’.

Conservative – the evil villain. Everything wrong with the world can be blamed on this group. Factual evidence or truth is not required to place blame on Conservatives.

Snowflake – a term for the very delicate liberal, usually college age, privileged, and live in their parent’s basement. Typically unemployed and over educated, a snowflake can be brought to tears with the slightest provocation. Example: The Snowflake’s latte was non-fat instead of soy, pet therapy was immediately initiated to help the snowflake cope with this unexpected crisis.

Free speech – once thought to be a First Amendment right, it is now known as optional and only applies to liberals. All attempts of Conservatives to exercise the right to free speech will result in yet another literal liberal meltdown. Persistent attempts by a conservative to practice free speech will be met with violence towards said conservative.

Constitutional – a word once describing whether or not a law met the rights of all American citizens set forth by our founding fathers. Much like ‘free speech’ things are now only ‘constitutional’ if it is applied to an illegal immigrant, a muslim, or a liberal getting his or her way.

Illegal Immigrant – a person living in America illegally but with more rights, even extra rights, compared to actual legal citizens. Illegal immigrants should not be held accountable to the law’s of their adopted land. Illegal immigrants have special dispensations from the law, not only from established immigration laws, but even drunk driving, domestic violence, and repeat weapons charges do not apply to illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants may avoid the law by hiding in liberal sanctioned sanctuary cities.

Racist – all Conservatives, regardless of the truth. Democrats, who founded the KKK however have been re-defined as not racists despite evidence to the contrary.

Nazi – all Conservatives, regardless of truth or facts.

Demagogue – any Republican POTUS

This is the state of our country. Unless real patriots rise up and protect our country and the rights of all citizens, we will truly become ungovernable. Liberals are feeding right in to the plans from the liberal elite, who are using them to regain their power at all costs, even if it destroys the American Republic and it’s citizens.

The extreme left considers themselves at war with the rest of us. It is getting time to put liberals and their self serving re-defining of America in their place.

America belongs to all of us and anyone who tells you otherwise is seeking to control you. American it is time to RESIST the resistance of the left. For divided we all fall.

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