Liberals say the GOP in Congress is in “chaos” like it’s a bad thing (it’s not)


The New York Time recently published a list of things that mark what the modern man is made of. I ran down the worst of them here, but the shortened version is liberals think we evolved from monkeys and the most progressive among us have continue their evolution into something that makes jellyfish look like they have a backbone.

So it’s not surprising that the left views fighting in Congress as “chaos”. That’s the type of editorializing CNN uses to describe what is happening in a body of government that is supposed to have fights and argument.

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What really has the salon set shaking its head is that the Republican party, which has within it a steep disagreement about tactics, priorities, pace, and style, has decided to settle some of those questions through an authentic democratic process. There is, apparently, going to be a real race for the speaker’s gavel, rather than a negotiated settlement among party leaders organized around the question of whose turn it is. A real democratic fight instead of a backroom party-machine process — that is what CNN calls a House in chaos.

Well, bring on the chaos.


Agreed, the GOP’s poll numbers aren’t being driven down by liberals alone. To get to a greater position of strength sometimes there has to be a knock-down-drag-out…there’s supposed to be these types of fights. Party unity is important, and sometimes this is how we get there.

Fat, dumb and lazy establishment Republicans (and the liberals who beat them because they love them) can clutch their pearls all they want, but that wont advance their cause any more effectively than a “gun free zone” sign can stop a bullet.

Real Republicans, the ones that got involved and elected to office because conservative is the kind of government they signed up for, want them to actually start paddling or get out and drown in the shit creek America has found itself in, and that’s a fight worth having.

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