Liberals who complain about greed through capitalism should have their noses rubbed in this


I’ve watched this video a number of times, but the last time I watched it I finally came to appreciate the serious ideological jujitsu employed by Milton Friedman here against the dimwitted Phil Donahue.

Extolling the virtues of liberty and personal responsibility as conservatives and libertarians often do really isn’t enough anymore when our largest generation (alarmingly) prefers socialism.

The anti-capitalist energy has to be redirected back on itself. Friedman does it beautifully by pointing out the hypocrisy and disingenuousness of leftist by pointing out their problem isn’t with capitalism, or the (untrue) notion that it’s oppressive, their real problem is that they can’t have power and control with it.

It’s just brilliant.

See other video smackdowns of leftist by the late great Milton Friedman here.

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