“F*CK YOU WHITE BOY!” – Rapper Lil Wayne Goes on Alcohol-Fueled RACIST RAMPAGE!

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It’s funny how liberals claim they’re oh-so tolerant, but the second that there’s crime against white people or conservatives, they stop caring and act as if they deserve it.

If a white person punches a minority, even if the minority was being physically aggressive, that’s somehow labeled a “hate crime.” But when a black person punches a white person in the face, or demands that whites pay “privilege tax,” then what happens?

Liberals are dead silent, and the worst of them sometimes even claim that we “deserve it,” for being “privileged,” whatever that means.

Recently, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., known by his stage name Lil Wayne, has been accused of going on an alcohol-fueled racist rampage. According to sources, the rapper violently punched a security guard in the face, while yelling out “F*CK YOU WHITE BOY!” making it a hate crime in the state of California.

TMZ, the celebrity gossip website, reports:

“A California man claims he was working the front door at Hyde nightclub on the Sunset Strip in June 2016 when Weezy and his crew showed up for a BET Music Awards after-party … and started acting belligerent.”

“According to the docs…the guard felt physically threatened but was trying to do his job controlling entry into the club when the rapper punched him with a closed fist and knocked him to the ground.”

“The man claims Lil Wayne then threw a glass filled with alcohol in his face and yelled, ‘F*** you white boy!’ … which he claims makes it a hate crime.”

“Wayne’s camp has denied the rapper punched the guy.”

Thankfully, the security guard is now suing Lil Wayne, his label, and the club for damages, assault, and battery. He wants a $25,000 civil penalty tacked onto his damages for the hate crime.

Where is the liberal outrage, though? Where are the screaming social justice warriors, demanding that Lil Wayne make an apology for his racist treatment of this security guard? They’re nowhere to be found, because liberals don’t care about equality—they care about power.

Self-hating white liberals get off on deprecating white people, while putting up minorities. All of this “equality,” nonsense is a ploy—it’s a way to get the moral high ground and avoid talking about the FACTS, while simultaneously shaming your opponents.

Although Lil Wayne’s camp has denied that he punched the security guard and yelled out racial slurs, judging by Lil Wayne’s music, many find this hard to believe.

In one particularly racist and offensive lyric, the rapper mocked the brutal torturing and murder of Emmett Till, who ironically enough, was black. The boy was 14 years old, when he was caught whistling at a white woman—in response, several racists kidnapped him, tortured him, and killed him.

Yet Wayne made a joke about how he “Beat that p*ssy up like Emmett Till,” according to Rolling Stone.

“Epic Records has apologized to the family of Emmett Till after Lil Wayne made a crude reference in a leaked track to the 1955 beating death of the 14-year-old boy, The Associated Press reports.”

“Wayne contributed to a remix of Future’s “Karate Chop” that leaked last weekend and included the lyric, ‘Beat that pussy up like Emmett Till’ – referencing the Chicago teen who was infamously tortured and lynched for allegedly whistling at a white woman while visiting Mississippi in 1955. After Till’s family objected to the line, the Rev. Jesse Jackson contacted Weezy’s management company, the Blueprint Group, on their behalf.”

One doesn’t need to look that far into Wayne’s music to see that it’s loaded with sexism, racism, and hate. Yet, the liberals are nowhere to be found—this story will probably never make it to CNN or MSNBC, or any of the other liberal media outlets.

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