LIVE VIDEO: Active Shooter at YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno, CA (VIDEO)

Waffle House shooting

UPDATE: The San Bruno City Manager says the shooter is down and the threat is over.

According to authorities, the shooter is dead by suicide.

This appears to be a domestic violence incident. The shooter was a woman who shot her boyfriend at the scene, and then shot herself. Three other people were shot. The conditions of the victims are unknown.

ORIGINAL STORY: Police in San Bruno, California have confirmed that an active shooter is on the scene at YouTube headquarters. Live video is below.

San Bruno is located south of San Francisco, and YouTube headquarters is on a massive campus.

Dozens of police cars are outside of the facility, and witnesses say they heard multiple shots and saw blood on the floor inside of the facility.

Stanford Health Center Hospital says they are treating four to five people from the shooting. Several more people have been transferred to a San Francisco area hospital.

Unconfirmed reports say the shooter is a woman with a dark top and a headscarf.

Witnesses say they have heard multiple shots, and those who were inside claim the shooter appeared to be moving through the building. One man has told local media that he saw a woman in the parking lot who had been shot in the leg. She was bleeding but alert and responsive.

We will update this story as details become available.

Here is a tweet from San Bruno police.

Here is live video.

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