LIVE VIDEO FEEDS: Follow Hurricane Irma coverage here – UPDATED 4:30 AM EST

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is currently slamming Florida, and we are providing live video feeds here for you to catch every angle of the storm.

We will update this article throughout the day. If you are aware of live feeds or video clips from social media of the storm, please let us know in the comments, and we will add them. Be aware that live feeds could end at any time or change content.

Irma made landfall on the Florida main coast early Sunday morning, and will continue over the state through Sunday and Monday. It will continue moving inland Tuesday and could reach Tennessee by early Wednesday.

Yahoo provides information on Irma striking Miami on Sunday morning.

Hurricane Irma smashed into the US mainland on Sunday bringing with it 135 mph winds that killed several people, flooded parts of downtown Miami, and left more than a million without power.

The mammoth storm barreled its way into the Florida Keys at breakfast time ripping roofs off trailers, flattening palm trees, and hurling road signs through the air, after leaving a trail of devastation in the Caribbean where at least 25 people died.

Rick Scott, Florida’s governor, said: “People ask what they can do for us. Pray for us. We need volunteers, nurses. I hope everybody will pray for us. We can pray, that’s the biggest thing we can do.”

As the storm ripped through Miami waist-deep water surged through streets at least three blocks from the shore.

Here is live coverage from Fox News.

This feed provides four different live cams, from Tampa and Orlando.

This is live video from Miami.

This live video feed provides coverage from a number of news media outlets.

This live feed tracks Hurricane Irma by radar.

Our prayers are with everyone in Hurricane Irma’s path.





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