LOOK: Disgusting Dem Hangs “Muslim Statue of Liberty” Painting In His Office – What Do You Think?

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A California Democrat has recently come under fire by Sarah Palin and other Republicans for hanging a hijab-wearing Statue of Liberty painting in his government office.

The Democrats in this country are hellbent on destroying our nation. Their plan is simple: import millions of third world Muslims, who will bring their barbaric culture with them. The majority of Muslims do not value the constitution, and instead want Sharia Law to reign supreme.

The traitorous Democrats and their RINO allies know this, which is why they’re painting the image of “American Muslims,” in order to sway our opinion. They’ve spent millions in advertising and marketing, trying to promote the idea of patriotic Muslims, which we all know is ridiculous.

Obama even had the audacity to claim that the United States Constitution was based off of Islam, which is a complete and utter lie. He claimed that the religion of peace has always been an integral part of this country, and that Muslims bring “diversity,” to this great nation—right, like they did on 9/11.

The Democrats know that they need to convince America that Muslims are patriotic, which is why you see this disgusting liberal propaganda all over the place. One congressman, however, has gone too far. Fox News reports:

A Democratic congressman is taking heat from Sarah Palin and other conservatives for a painting hanging in his California district office that depicts the Statue of Liberty as a Muslim woman.

We the People Rising, a conservative-leaning activist group, was among the first to object to the painting in Rep. Lou Correa’s district office in Santa Ana, Calif., arguing it violates the separation of church and state.

The group, which advocates for tougher immigration laws, has asked Correa to remove the painting, which is a finalist in the Congress’ annual student art competition.

Palin entered the debate Monday with a tweet about the controversy.

“Statue of Liberty” Painting Found In Congressman’s Office, Then America Spots Something Unusual,” Palin said in the tweet that included a retweet on the issue from the Young Conservatives group.

Correa, a first-term congressman, has no plans to remove the painting, saying the Office of Legislative Counsel sees no legal issues.

While Rep. Correa has called the Muslim Statue of Liberty a “proud American,” many conservatives are outraged. Liberals refuse to acknowledge the realities about Islam, and go so far as to undermine American interests by hanging up blatantly anti-American propaganda.

While many liberals are elated that the Democratic congressman has hung this painting up, members of many conservative groups have spoken out.

“You guys have a picture out in front of your office with the Statue of Liberty wearing a hijab, which I find reprehensible and disrespectful,” said a member of We The People Rising, a grassroots conservative organization. “I would like to request that you remove it.”

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Many conservatives have echoed this sentiment, contacting Representative Correa over the hijab-sporting Statue of Liberty. So far, he refuses to listen.

What do you think? Should he be forced to remove this Muslim Statue of Liberty? Share this article and let us know your thoughts. Thank you and God bless!

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