LOOK: Man Behind Famous Obama Painting Just Released One For Trump – The Difference is Astonishing

The past seven months of Trump’s presidency have been absolutely incredible. No other president has handled global issues with such force, national issues with such tactfulness, and cultural issues with such grace.

This is a very refreshing change from eight years of Obama hell, where he took every single opportunity he got to spit on the Constitution, destroy our national heritage, and humiliate our veterans. While Black Lives Matter and Antifa will hail Obama as their supreme leader, the history books will tell a different story.

One famous man who released a famous picture of Obama in 2010, just released one about President Trump—and the stark contrast is absolutely unreal. Painter Jon McNaughton, the man behind the legendary images, captures the sharp difference between Obama and Trump’s attitudes, policies, in beliefs, in a single painting.

The infamous Obama painting

The famous “Obama painting,” as it’s been dubbed, pictures him standing on the United States Constitution while the other presidents look at him angrily. In addition to this, there’s an “Average Joe,” type man sitting on a bench looking depressed, signalling that Obama is out of touch with the American worker.

Anyone old enough to remember all eight years of the Obama presidency will resonate deeply with this image. We saw Obama repeatedly expand the executive branch’s reach, deny individuals their religious freedom, and slowly push federal government regulations into every aspect of our lives.

He promised us “change,” and he promised us “hope,” but all we got was a smack in the face. He forgot about the average American workers, dishonored our founding fathers, and set us on the precipice of one of the greatest debt fiascoes of all time by doubling our debt in just under a decade.

Contrast this with President Trump’s first nine months in office, and the difference is stark. Just in his first nine months, President Trump has already created over a million jobs for American people. He’s brought companies back to America, fought to end illegal immigration, and destroyed the corrupt swamp of DC.

Consequently, when McNaughton made this painting of President Trump, he shows him in quite a different light than Obama. In the picture, Trump isn’t stepping on the constitution. Rather, he’s stepping on a snake, symbolic of his willingness to protect the American people from evil.

The newly released Trump painting

The once depressed “Average Joe,” now has a wife, and is watering a young plant with her. This is symbolic of Trump restoring America’s faith in our own future, and how he’s investing in our youth by bringing back work and deporting illegal immigrants who wish to steal our culture out from underneath us.

In the background, veterans and patriots are proudly admiring President Trump—in the center of it all, there’s a Marine saluting the president, symbolic of how Trump has restored our military’s faith in this country. The contrast could not be more apparent.

When America elected Donald Trump as our president, we sent a message to the Democrats loud and clear. We are sick of their hypocrisy, we are fed up with their selfishness, and we are done with their evil—it’s time to make America great again, and that’s exactly what President Trump is on track to do.

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