Look who SARAH PALIN brought to the White House to meet PRESIDENT TRUMP

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin visited the White House Wednesday, and brought along a couple of famous friends to meet the President. While there, they managed to troll Hillary Clinton and trigger Chelsea Clinton.

Palin, who was the Republican nominee for Vice President in 2008, took her daughter Willow with her to the White House on Wednesday. She also took two famous friends: Kid Rock and Ted Nugent.

Palin took a number of photos while in the Oval Office, including one with everyone in her entourage with President Trump.

Sarah Palin

The Daily Mail reports.

The former vice presidential nominee, 53, brought along her daughter Willow and her camera for the trip, sharing snaps of herself as she posed with President Trump at his desk, cozied up to Jared Kushner, and grabbed her buds Nugent and Kid Rock to go mock the official portrait of former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton later took issue with Nugent being in the Oval Office, writing: ‘The first Q should be why is a man the Secret Service interviewed for making threats against President Obama now standing in the Oval Office.’

Nugent said back in 2007: ‘Obama, he’s a piece of s***. I told him to su** on my machine gun.’

He also had some more unflattering and violent words for Hillary Clinton in that same diatribe.

Palin, Nugent, and Kid Rock then took an epic picture trolling Hillary Clinton. They posed in front of Clinton’s official portrait in the White House and seemed to have a good laugh. Nugent even gave a hand gesture suggesting Clinton was “out of here.”

Sarah Palin

That picture may have been the final straw for former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton, who seemed downright triggered over Nugent’s presence in the White House. She tweeted out “The first Q should be why is a man the Secret Service interviewed for making threats against President Obama now standing in the Oval Office.”

Here is her tweet.

Sarah Palin

According to The Daily Mail, Nugent talked about his experience at the White House.

Nugent later wrote about his experience at the White House on in a blog post for Deer & Deer Hunting.

‘When his administration’s battlecry is “America first” you know we are on the right track after a long and embarrassing disconnect by the political posers who forgot they worked for us instead of vice versa,’ wrote Nugent.

‘We discussed specifically the counterproductive follies of the Endangered Species Act and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the US Fish & Wildlife Service, BLM and other out of control bureaucracies.’

He did not specify what specifically he and President Trump spoke about regarding Black Lives Matter.

Nugent wrote in closing: ‘All in all, Shemane and I were genuinely honored to break bread with the leader of the free world, and for the first time in many years I have a renewed level of positive excitement about the improved direction our country is now headed.’

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