Look What DISGUSTING Thing David Hogg Just Threatened To Do At Trump Hotel – This is Absolutely Unbelievable!

Ever since the liberal media proclaimed David Hogg as a defender of the innocent, he’s been arrogantly assuming that he’s an expert at gun control. So far conservatives have put up with him, but after he just threatened to do something unthinkable at Trump Hotel, many are saying he’s gone too far.

David Hogg was just an ordinary liberal puke until he was put up on a pedestal by CNN and their news cronies. Now, thanks to their fake news reporting and blatant lies, Hogg is spearheading the liberal movement to put an end to our second amendment rights.

He doesn’t care that places with less gun control are actually SAFER than places with more gun control. He doesn’t care that all of the statistics are in our favor, and that they only show how owning guns helps protect homeowners. He doesn’t even care about the sacred document which this country was founded upon.

No—all David Hogg cares about is basking in the media’s attention and whoring himself out as a pawn of the Democratic National Convention. This has only been made even more clear thanks to his recent threat on Trump Hotel. According to his Twitter account, he may be staging a “Die In” there.

For those of you unaware, Hogg’s arrogant and pathetic “die ins” are an attempt to “raise awareness” about mass shootings that account for less than .1% of gun violence. During these events, he gets dozens of his brainwashed liberal followers, and lies down on the floors of major supermarket chains, inconveniencing hundreds of customers just trying to get their food.

This is the absolute state of liberalism in our country—they don’t care about defending the people, they don’t care about defending our rights, and they don’t even care about our children like they claim. All they care about is getting attention and making sure that their next guest appearance is on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

Newsweek Reports:

After successfully pressuring supermarket chain Publix to halt donations to political campaigns, teen activist and school shooting survivor David Hogg appears to have  turned his attention to Trump Tower.

The 18-year-old floated the idea of demonstrating against President Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association with a “Die-In,” a version of a sit-in in which demonstrators mimic dead bodies, at one of the president’s hotels. Like his other protests, the goal would be to pressure legislators into supporting additional gun control.

“So when are we doing a die in at Trump Hotel?” the former Marjory Stoneman Douglas studenttweeted, earning more than 26,000 likes. When a commenter suggested helping to organize a demonstration at one of Trump’s Washington D.C. properties, Hogg responded with several wink emojis.

Trump owns hotel properties in several major cities, including Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Manhattan, Waikiki, Washington, D.C. and Vancouver. 

Trump has done nothing but try to make this a great country once again. He’s worked tirelessly to end burdensome legislation, ensuring that business owners can finally get back to making a profit again, and this is how he’s repaid. Not by a pat on the back, or a patriotic salute, but by snot-nosed little pukes like David Hogg harassing his customers and blocking up his hotel properties.

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