Look What NASTY Thing Reebok Just Said About Donald Trump – Thousands of Conservatives INSTANTLY Start Boycott

Reebok Trump Boycott

Ever since Donald Trump came into the public eye running for President, liberal corporations all across the US have been attacking him, in an effort to pander to the dumb liberals.

They don’t care whether or not they spread lies and liberal propaganda, such as when Audi made the “Wage Gap” commercial, or when Starbucks decided to hire 10,000 refugees (which INSTANTLY blew up in their face).

Hell, they don’t even care if their actions hurt America—all these corporations care about is the bottom line, and they don’t give a crap about the millions of hard-working, patriotic American men and women that serve as the backbone of this country.

That’s why conservatives have started to fight back. We’re hitting these companies where it hurts most—right in their wallets. It’s no longer enough to simply announce your dislike of a company’s policies. It’s time to take action.

We’ve boycotted Starbucks, and causing their stock to plummet. We started the #DumpKelloggs movement after they decided to pull their advertisements from Breitbart among other conservative news websites. We’ve cost liberal companies MILLIONS of dollars in sales, since conservatives actually work hard to buy things, rather than relying on government handouts and food stamps.

One shoe company, however, has gone too far with what they recently said about Donald Trump. If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that Donald Trump and the beautiful Ivanka visited Macron and his wife in France to talk about the threat of Islamic extremism.

During this meeting, Donald Trump complemented Macron’s wife, who was dressed to the nine’s. He said that she looked beautiful, and that she was in great shape—she immediately blushed, because she’s a normal, SANE woman that can take a complement.

CNN, among other news outlets, however, have now called Trump a hateful misogynist, all because he complemented a woman. In fact, Reebok just tweeted out the following tweet, CONFIRMING that they must not want conservative dollars anymore.

They’ve refused to remove the tweet, despite ENORMOUS conservative backlash. So, what better thing to do than make it viral and start a Reebok boycott?

This obvious jab at Trump is absolutely ridiculous—he can’t even give a woman a classy complement without liberal, social justice warrior pandering companies twisting his words and inciting anti-Trump sentiment throughout America.

Thankfully, numerous conservatives were sure to call Reebok out for their utterly retarded Tweet. Many have proclaimed that they will never spend another dollar on Reebok again.

Many openly called out SJW’s, or “Social Justice Warriors,” for creating a paranoid and hostile social environment, where men can’t even COMPLEMENT women without fear of retaliation.

Many were also quick to point out Reebok’s blatant hypocrisy. The company is famous for using scantily clad women to sell their products—they frequently portray women in “good shape,” wearing nothing, but underwear in their ads. Yet somehow, they feel morally superior enough to attack Donald Trump? These people are disgusting.

Unfortunately for them, Reebok has made a grave mistake. Tens of thousands of conservatives all across the US have pledged to NEVER purchase their shoes again. It’s time to put our money where our mouth is, and never give this disgusting anti-Trump company a dollar again.

If you’re going to boycott Reebok, please give this article a share on social media. Thank you and God bless! Let’s #BoycottReebok

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