Look Who David Hogg Says is Controlling the NRA

David Hogg

Gun control activist David Hogg is spreading a ridiculous conspiracy theory about the National Rifle Association on his Twitter account.

In a new tweet, Hogg claims that the NRA is getting its money from Russia, buying into left-wing attempts to link the country to President Trump and the conservative movement.

Apparently, Hogg isn’t too keen on actually reading news articles, and just sticks to the headlines to form his perceptions. That’s how he formed the idea that a spike in NRA giving was due to Russian donations, in an effort to influence the group. The theory doesn’t make sense, as one would think the last thing Russia wants is more armed Americans.

Hogg linked to a Fox News article that said the NRA set a record for fundraising in March.

Fox News reports.

The National Rifle Association on Tuesday announced that its Political Victory Fund had a banner month in March, raising $2.4 million, which is $1.5 million more than it raised in March 2017.

McClatchy reported that most of the donations were less than $200. The money from the fund is earmarked for political campaigns. The donations were made after the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Fla., which prompted a nationwide gun debate.

The report pointed out that gun control groups have fallen short of such fundraising numbers. Everytown for Gun Safety’s Political Action Fund, for example, raised $13,580 in March, the report said.

Hogg also tweeted a link to a Politico article that said the NRA received more money from Russian donors than previously disclosed.

Here is the tweet by Hogg.

Here’s the problem with Hogg’s conspiracy theory. The money received from Russian addresses amounted to just over $2,000. That’s about 1% of the total donations the NRA took in for the entire month of March.

It gets even worse for Hogg’s theory: the $2,000+ in donations and membership dues were not from the month of March, but from a three year period from 2015 to now. This fraction of a percent of all NRA revenue is hardly enough to buy any influence, and wouldn’t even amount to a drop in a bucket.

From Politico.

Wyden released a letter from the NRA, dated Tuesday, in which the gun rights group reported receiving $2,512.85 in contributions and membership dues “from people associated with Russian addresses” or known Russian nationals living in the United States from 2015 to the present. In the past, a congressional aide to Wyden said, the group had confirmed receiving only one financial contribution, in the form of a lifetime membership purchased by Alexander Torshin, a Russian banker.

Hogg has spent most of the last few days attacking both Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio on Twitter, which is probably why he didn’t bother to check out the details behind the headlines.

Check out Hogg’s tweets mocking Rubio and Ryan for their support of the NRA.

For the record, Hogg has yet to return to school since the Valentine’s Day shooting.

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