“You Loot We Shoot” – Patriotic Texans Lay Down The Law on Vile Thugs

you loot we shoot texas

Many of the thugs who looted New Orleans got away with it scot-free. They took advantage of innocent families, children, and the elderly, all for their own selfish needs. Well, unfortunately for looters, Hurricane Harvey didn’t hit New Orleans.

This is Texas, and in Texas if you ask for trouble, you’re gonna get trouble. Ever since the hurricane swept through Houston, leaving a wake of devastation in its trail, thousands of patriotic civilians have opened up their gun safes, locked and loaded, and hopped in their boats to go save some lives.

Thank God we live in such a generous country, where our people really do look out for one another. Despite what the mainstream media wants you to believe, the community within Texas is battered, but alive and well. Ever since Day 1, there have been numerous efforts from the Cajun Army, among others, to maintain peace.

you loot we shoot

Unfortunately, some thugs are intent on destroying this peace, however—but one Texan patriot has a brutal response for any and all thugs considering taking advantage of this terrible situation. “You loot, we shoot,” he says. It’s really that simple.

Fox News reports:

In Atascocita, Texas, Hurricane Harvey’s victims are taking a firm stand against opportunistic visitors who might want to steal from residences as homeowners try to recover from the devastation.

“You come down this street looking for problems, you’re gonna get shot,” one homeowner in the Houston-area community told Griff Jenkins.

Posters affixed to stop signs read “If you loot, we shoot,” and Jenkins held up a handmade yard sign that read “Nothing inside worth dying for.”

The sign included the image of a humanoid shooting target with bullet holes in its head and chest.

The homeowner also told Jenkins he and a neighbor “shut down” an attempted looting after a person came through his neighborhood with a trailer.

Many other folks were taking waterlogged furniture and other items outside to dry, with some posting signs for sanitation workers not to take their damaged possessions to the dump.

Ever since Hurricane Harvey destroyed Houston, dozens of thugs have been taking advantage of the situation. Tons of videos have popped up online, of saggy pants wearing thugs jumping through windows, smashing through doors, and stealing everything they can get their hands on.

Fortunately, Texas is one of the most pro-gun states in the entire US—something which will cause a lot of trouble for any hooligans trying to earn a quick buck. For all of the nonsense that liberals talk about how gun control is a good thing, all you have to do is look at Texas and see what’s going on.

If somebody breaks into a house and tries to loot it, they get shot—plain and simple. The police can never stop a crime, because they only ever get called to the scene of the crime after it’s taken place. Only civilians can stop crimes, and we need guns to do that.

Our founding fathers knew this, which is why they granted us the immutable second amendment, the right to bear arms. No, it was not for hunting as liberals often claim. The second amendment was to protect the people from thugs, criminals, and tyranny, plain and simple…and it seems like it’s doing a damn good job in Texas.

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