Lou Dobbs ANNIHILATES Paul Ryan, Tells Him to Resign [WATCH!]

lou dobbs paul ryan

Lou Dobbs, a popular commentator on Fox News, recently called for Paul Ryan’s resignation.

“I believe it’s time for Ryan to vacate the Speaker’s office,” he said. Lou goes on to lambaste Paul Ryan for accomplishing absolutely nothing:

“I believe Ryan’s achieved next to nothing since becoming Speaker a year and a half ago. He had achieved next to nothing in his entire career before becoming Speaker! He’s worked against his presidential nominee and he has lost.”

“He put forward a mantra instead of policies, and lost again. And yes, that’s right…as a Vice Presidential nominee of his party, he and Mitt Romney also lost.”

“It is time for his party, if not for the Speaker himself to recognize his limitations and decidedly poor judgement and poor prospects for finding for finding a better way.”

“I believe it’s time for Ryan to vacate the Speaker’s office in the interest of his party.”

Damn straight! Finally someone in the MSM has the balls to confront Ryan over being absolutely useless. He’s one of those guys to watch out for, and we have a name for them. They’re called RINO’s.

They’re sneaky little weasels; globalists in disguise. They’re called “Republicans in Name Only,” because they’re just that—Paul Ryan doesn’t actually espouse Republican virtues and values, he’s just a democrat posing as a republican.


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