#MacronLeaks – New Documents EXPOSE Truth! Could Push Le Pen to VICTORY!

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/pol/, a board on the infamous website known as 4chan, has recently uncovered several leaked documents showing us that Macron has an offshore account in the Cayman Islands.

This is the same website that gave birth to anonymous, the rogue hackers who fight against corruption. It’s the same website that gave birth to the “Pepe” frog memes, which influenced the election of 2016. It’s also the same website that has identified several Anti-Fa rioters that assaulted innocent Trump supporters.

In short, you do not want to mess with 4chan—it’s an anonymous group of thousands of technologically savvy people, mostly men, that shares a common goal: end globalism. So when they unmasked this bombshell about Macron, WikiLeaks was very quick to validate it with a response.

4chan has been known for pulling practical jokes, so WikiLeaks’ suspicions were not unwarranted. After examination, however, they found some massive bombshells:

Mainstream media sources have blamed “Putin,” and “Russian Hackers,” however, just like they did with the election of 2016. It seems that whenever the internet uncovers some massive corruption scandal, Leftists can’t help, but blame everyone but themselves.

Breitbart reports:

“Russia was quick to fall under the spotlight, with sources close to Hillary Clinton – whose Presidential campaign was also hampered by hacked document leaks – quick to point the finger of blame at Putin’s government.”

“Former Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon tweeted on Friday evening: ‘Putin is waging war against Western democracies and our President is on the wrong side’, linking to Reuters coverage of the Macron leaks.”

“Linking to the same article, former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook tweeted in a similar vein: ‘For those who thought Russia was dialing back.. Macron’s French presidential campaign emails leaked online.’ ”

Eerily enough, the French media has also been ordered to maintain complete silence on the matter. If this isn’t de-facto state-controlled media, then nothing is. According to the Independent, France’s electoral commission has ordered the media not to publish the contents of Macron’s leaked campaign emails to avoid influencing the election.

It threatened news outlets in France with “criminal charges for publishing or republishing the material,” under laws that mysteriously and conveniently came into effect at midnight.

The Independent goes on:

“As much as 9GB gigabytes of data were posted on a profile called EMLEAKS to an anonymous document sharing site under two days before the final vote.”

“While French election rules forbid the media from publishing the emails, they also ban Mr Macron or his team from commenting on or denying any allegations.”

The true patriots of the world won’t put up with this, though. We understand that a democracy is entirely dependent on the free exchange of ideas and information. So, while the globalist elite were busy hiding the truth, the pro-Trump patriots were busy spreading it:

“Far-right American activists are believed to be behind early efforts to spread the documents on social media, before they were picked up by Ms Le Pen’s supporters in France. ”

“The leaks emerged on 4chan, where an anonymous poster provided links to documents on Pastebin with the message: ‘This was passed on to me today so now I am giving it to you, the people.’ ”

“The hashtag #MacronLeaks was spread by prominent Twitter accounts including that of Jack Posobiec, a pro-Donald Trump activist and employee of the far-right site Rebel TV.”

Some people have claimed that these leaks happened too late to influence the election, but others are hopeful…and for the sake of Western Civilization, I hope that Le Pen wins, too.

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