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Gen. “Mad Dog” James Mattis appeared on CBS’ “Face The Nation” Sunday, and had some choice observations over a possible war with North Korea. One statement, however, has everyone talking.

Mattis cut right to the chase, mincing no words about a possible war with North Korea. His concern, however, is not directed at their nuclear program as much as their conventional weapons. Those weapons could be used on an innocent South Korean population, and could inflict major casualties.

The Daily Mail reports.

When asked about the situation on the Korean peninsula, Mattis said war with North Korea would be ‘catastrophic’ – if tensions between the US and Kim Jong Un ever reached that point.

‘A conflict in North Korea, John, would be probably the worst kind of fighting in most people’s lifetimes,’ he told host John Dickerson.

‘Why do I say this? The North Korean regime has hundreds of artillery cannons and rocket launchers within range of one of the most densely-populated cities on Earth, which is the capital of South Korea.

‘We are working with the international community to deal with this issue, this regime is a threat to the region, to Japan, to South Korea, and in the event of war they would bring danger to China and to Russia as well.

Gen. James Mattis lowered the boom, however, when asked what threats keep him up at night. His response sounds like vintage Liam Neeson.

The battle-hardened, tough-talking retired Marine Corps general was asked during CBS’s Face the Nation what keeps him awake at night.

But Mattis, who was entrusted with some of the most challenging commands in the military, simply replied: ‘Nothing.’

‘I keep other people awake at night.’

Here are clips from the interview.

Here, Mattis says war with North Korea would have “catastrophic” consequences for the world.


Mattis’ best line, however, was dished out when asked what keeps him awake at night. The Washington Free Beacon has even enhanced his answer for your viewing pleasure.

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