MAGA VIDEO: Feminazi Attacks Trump Supporter on Plane, Immediately Regrets It



Friday, a bitter old feminist attacked a Trump supporter on a plane. The result? Trumper 1, Feminist 0.

Scott Koteskey posted videos of a confrontation he had with a woman on a plane flight Friday. The woman took offense when she discovered the man was headed to Washington for the inauguration of Donald Trump. Things escalated quickly.

Here is Koteskey’s account as he posted on Facebook.


Koteskey then posted video of the confrontation. As you will see, the woman had been berating Koteskey for some time when the flight attendant intervened.

Sure enough, the woman did get kicked off of the plane. Even worse, as you hear in the video, they were on a plane because the woman’s husband had just lost his mother. He is the sad-looking, beaten-down gentleman in the aisle seat. You gotta feel sorry for the guy, being married to that woman.

Kotesky also posted video of the woman being escorted off the plane. The passengers on the plane are heard clapping, and someone begins chanting “USA!”

It’s nice to see that someone is making flying great again.

H/T: Milo News

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