Major Scares In NYC, Miami, and D.C.

There were evacuations, bomb scares, lockdowns, and a shooting at sensitive locations in three major U.S. cities today.

The ‘Age of Terror’ in which much of the world now exists has many folks on edge, with dark opportunists taking advantage of unease and easily-triggered chaos. Overreactions to minor events are now commonplace, but in the wake of an increasing number of bombings, shootings, and attacks across the West and beyond, the anxiety of the populace is to be expected.

Fertile grounds for the seeds of a thriving police state have been cultivated, and now the Powers That Be are sowing and watering their crops by propping our borders open, allowing terror networks to embed themselves into our way of life and operate almost at-will – the EneMedia takes care of the rest.

New York City: Times Square partially evacuated for bomb scare


Several blocks of midtown – including part of Times Square were evacuated as a precaution due to the report of a suspicious package, according to the NYPD.

The bomb squad investigated the package located at West 48th Street and Broadway after 9PM Tuesday.

It was determined to be garbage, according to a News 4 source.

Miami: Terminal evacuated at Miami International Airport


Authorities gave the all clear after evacuating parts of Miami International Airport (MIA) Monday afternoon.
Airport officials said the they got a call about a suspicious package and took the proper precautions.

They released a statement around 4:50 p.m. on the matter saying in part,

“At this time, the Concourse G, H and J TSA checkpoints are closed and the ticket counter areas and the upper and lower roadways outside of Concourse H have been evacuated.”

“They forced us to evacuate. A gentleman came through our back door and told us that we needed to leave. So we all proceeded out in the front,” a traveler at MIA told CBS4’s Hank Tester. “It was panic. Everybody was running back and forth. Nobody actually knew where to go.”

Around 5 p.m., authorities gave the all clear and reopened the terminals.

The items in question were reportedly unattended luggage.

Washington D.C.: Capitol and White House locked down for active shooter

International Business Times:

Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa told reporters that an unidentified male suspect was undergoing surgery after being shot by police at the Capitol Visitors Center. The suspect drew and aimed what appeared to be a weapon there just after 2:30 p.m. EDT. He was struck, taken into custody and transported to the hospital.

“While this is preliminary information, based on the initial investigation we believe this is the act of a single person who has frequented the Capitol grounds before,” Verderosa said. “There is no reason to believe this is anything more than a criminal act.”

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