MAKE ISRAEL GREAT AGAIN: Jewish State Celebrates Trump Victory



You know you’ve picked the right President if Israel is celebrating his election.

After years of being neglected by Barack Obama, Israel, the only free democracy in the entire Middle East, is celebrating the election of Donald Trump. Hopes are high that the Republican President will follow through on promises of support for Israel, which would be a departure from years of disrespect and insults from Democratic President Barack Obama.

The sign shown above is on display in Tel Aviv, Israel, and is one of many that are hanging throughout the country. The signs have been hanging for some time, and were meant to persuade the many American citizens who both live and visit the country to back Donald Trump for President. Although support of Jewish Americans went largely to Hillary Clinton, Jewish Israelis largely supported Trump. They just could not vote for him.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was one of the few world leaders who gave Trump any respect before the election, and after he won, he called the Republican a “true friend of Israel.”

During the campaign, Trump made clear his support for Israel against the Palestinian State and hostile Muslim neighbors.

CNN provides more details.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump the candidate promised to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel — a move that would upend decades of US policy.

Now that he’s the President-elect, Israel’s right wing is thrilled and is calling on Trump to relocate the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as soon as he takes office.
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat commended Trump’s position on Jerusalem and said the status of the city is not open for negotiation. “The role of the city of Jerusalem will never change,” Barkat said the day after the elections. “It has to be under the sovereignty of the Jewish people. It has to play an inclusive role. It can never function as a divided city.” Other right-wing politicians joined Barkat in calling on Trump to fulfill his campaign promise.
It is an often repeated — and never fulfilled — promise made by both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 requires the US government to move the embassy to Jerusalem, but the move has been waived every six months since the law was passed. Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama all declined to relocate the embassy after being elected, citing national security.

After the election, Israelis across the country celebrated, because they knew better days were coming.


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