MAKE ROOM FOR HILLARY! Trump Set to Make Major GITMO Announcement


Reports say President Donald Trump is set to make a major announcement on the terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay – better known as GITMO – in the coming days. And while it may be too much to hope that a cell for Hillary is being prepared there, the President is set to reverse a long-time Barack Obama policy about the prison.

It appears President Trump is set to sign an executive order that will officially keep Gitmo open, after President Obama promised to close it during his administration.

The Daily Mail has more.

President Donald Trump will sign a directive mandating the continued operation of the United States’ military prison in Guantanamo Bay.

Trump has allowed the prison with a dwindling population of accused terrorists to remain open his first year in office after promising to ‘load it up with some bad dudes’ when he was a presidential candidate.

He will announce next week that he is formally reversing an Obama-era order authorizing the closure of the detention center, Politico reported.

The announcement will likely come during Trump’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday evening, the news publication said, although it could come a few days earlier or later.

Barack Obama memorably campaigned on the closure of the facility but never was able achieve it. Congress repeatedly rebuffed his efforts to have the foreign combatants transferred to prisons on U.S. soil.

Obama looked to other countries to take the prisoners off the United States’ hands, instead, eventually transferring custody of most of the 242 inmates imprisoned at Gitmo, as it’s also called, when he took office.

He moved aggressively to fulfill a 2009 executive order dictating the prison be ‘closed as soon as practicable’ his final year in office, however 41 combatants were still behind bars when he left.

Trump has not added to the prison population since taking office, although he said last year that he would consider sending an Uzbek national who mowed down cyclists and pedestrians in New York there.

‘I would certainly consider that, yes. I would certainly consider that. Send him to Gitmo,’ Trump told a reporter in November.

The White House backed off the response later that same day, saying Trump ‘would support that, but he wasn’t necessarily advocating for it.’

His executive order will ask the Pentagon to ‘recommend criteria to the President for determining detention disposition outcomes for individuals captured on the battlefield,’ Politico reported.

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