Mall Santa Fired for Telling Child Hillary Clinton was on “Naughty List”

Mall Santa Fired

Hillary Clinton got a mall Santa fired. He should be glad he isn’t dead. That kind of thing happens to people who anger Hillary.

A Florida mall fired their mall Santa after he joked about Hillary Clinton being on the “naughty list.” Of course, in our hyper-sensitive, politically-correct climate, some helicopter parent was offended.

WTSP in Tampa Bay reports what happened.

News 6 WKMG says a mother took her children to the Seminole Towne Center Tuesday to see Santa Claus. The mother says when her 10-year-old talked to Santa, he told her she was on the nice list. She said he then asked her, “Do you know who is on my naughty list? Hillary Clinton.” The girl said she laughed.

After the incident, the mother called management and a representative told News 6 they called the company that hired the Santa.

After investigating, News 6 found the company, The Noerr Program, Inc., hires Santas to malls across the United States. The Santa who allegedly the comment said he thought it was a joke, but when the mother called corporate, they removed the Santa from the mall floor. The spokesperson apologized to the family.

A replacement Santa was found the next day.

At least we won’t have to worry about offending Hillary for the next four years. It looks like we are on the road to MAKING AMERICA SENSIBLE AGAIN.

Somebody needs to give this Santa patriot a new job!

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