WOW: Someone went and invented something that makes millennial girly-boy hipsters even MORE PATHETIC (Video)

clip on man bun

There are few things that have marked the feminization of millennial men more than the man bun.

Other generations of men who had prom dates who styled their hair the same way hipster millennials men choose to do on a daily basis.
(please check and make sure they chose to identify themselves this way, even though they have a man-bun it’s still possible to “misgender” them)

Apparently, this has been around for a little while, but it’s never to late to point and laugh at the clip-on man bun.

That’s right, CLIP ON MAN BUNS!

When I first heard of the man bun I wanted it to be satire. So, naturally, when I first saw this I thought it was satire. I needed it to be satire.

Sadly, it’s not. These are real, and they’re spectacular apocalyptic.

At least, according to the product description there is some awareness of how ridiculous this truly is.

But although the hairstyle oozes with fashion sense…

Does it really though?

…those who sport it might find themselves outcasts in sports bars, motorcycle gangs, and the annual government-mandated machismo test. This attachable—and, equally important, detachable—man bun lets you blend in with your surroundings, putting it on when you smell fair-trade coffee or hear a banjo, and taking it off when someone utters the word bro.

If nothing else, some of the the reviews are are the best part of this product:

I went from normal, sane human to complete and utter douche bag in under 15 seconds! I’m going to ride my bicycle to the vegan shop and talk about my cats.

Got this for (some dude), who recently moved to Bend, Oregon and was being shunned by the cool kids. Coupled with a pair of Uggs it transformed him into a complete douchebag hipster…he now has no problem getting good tofu at the vegan place or worry about his organic yak s*** coffee being cold….just in time for Christmas…a Christmas Miracle!

Everyone kept mislabeling my gender, but now with the clip on man bun it’s no longer an issue!

Someone please help me, I’m so sad.

Ordered this as a gag gift for my co-worker. Put his name on the ship to label so he didn’t know who sent it.
At first, he just placed it in random places around the office…now he uses it as a candy dish on his desk.
Oh well…at least it’s getting some use of out it.

Those are resounding endorsements, aren’t they?

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