Man hangs Clinton in effigy along I-5, says VOTE TRUMP “Got your attention, didn’t it?”


SUTHERLIN, Oregon. – A display hanging near Interstate 5 near Sutherlin is causing a stir.

A black, rubber wet-suit sporting women’s clothing and a blonde wig hangs from a noose attached to a crane, September 11, 2016. (SBG/Ashley Honea)





A black, rubber wet-suit sporting women’s clothing and a blonde wig is hanging from a noose attached to a crane.

A sign was also present that reads “Vote Trump.” Another sign makes references to treason; another reads “Uranium One.”

When the Clintons Loved Russia Enough to Sell Them Our Uranium

The man who put it up, Billy Pitner, says Hillary Clinton has committed a crime that he wanted to bring attention to.


“I’m allowed to have my feelings, right, wrong, or indifferent,” Pitner said Sunday evening. “Here you are. Got your attention, didn’t it?”

Pitner says a local priest has asked him to take the display down.

He also says he will be changing the signs daily.

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