Man on a mission to kill Donald Trump kills UPS driver instead

UPS driver shot

UPS driver shot
Shooting suspect Justin Barkley, who murdered a UPS driver

We have yet another example of violence from progressive liberals. This time, an innocent UPS driver is dead, shot by a man looking to kill Donald Trump.

UPS driver William Schumacher was stopping to eat when we was murdered outside of a Walmart in Ithaca, New York. The suspect, Justin Barkley, is obsessed with killing Donald Trump. He was convinced Trump would be outside of the Walmart in Ithaca on December 8, and killed Schumacher, thinking he was Trump. Thanks to the hate being fueled by the liberal left, we have a UPS driver shot and killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. offers more details.

“The officers merged behind the vehicle and attempted to stop it on Route 13 near the intersection of Route 366. The vehicle refused to stop and continued for approximately another 1/4 mile and pulled into a driveway. The suspect exited the vehicle with a long gun and shot at police officers as he fled towards the area believed to be his residence,” according to the Ithaca Police Department.

After hours of trying to communicate with the suspect, police said around 10 a.m. that Justin Barkley, 38, was taken into custody after he surrendered.

The New York Daily News reported on his obsession to kill Trump.

Justin Barkley, 38, stood before Judge John Rowley and said he knew where President-elect Donald Trump would be on Dec 8. He then waited for him outside of a Walmart where he said he allegedly killed him, according to the Ithaca Voice.

“I shot and killed Donald Trump purposely, intentionally and very proudly,” Barkley said during his arraignment.

Perhaps the most telling aspect of this story is that it happened over ten days ago. It only made local news, and was not covered by national media. It only came to light after The Blaze picked up the story.

We all know that if the person who killed the driver had been on a mission to kill President Barack Obama, however, it would lead the news. They would have proclaimed it as an example of violence from the conservative right.

Instead, if the story is even covered, it will be politicized to push for gun control. After all, Democrats make a point of not letting a tragedy go to waste.

What do you think of the UPS driver shot and killed by a Trump hater? Let us know in the comments.

H/T: The Blaze

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