MANCHESTER TERROR ATTACK UPDATE: Police officer among the dead; 4 under arrest

Manchester bomber

A police officer is among the victims in the Manchester terror attack, officials announced this morning. He has yet to be identified by name. In addition, four people are now under arrest, including the bomber’s brother, in connection with the bombing that killed 22. The news comes as The Daily Mail runs new photos of the bomber, Salman Abedi.

News reports cite that Abedi, who was born in Manchester, was not overly religious. However, his attitude started to change in recent months, after hanging around with new people. He recently returned from a trip to Libya, and it is believed that his attack may have been tied to that trip.

The picture above, showing Abedi with schoolmates, was reportedly taken seven years ago, and was published this morning by The Daily Mail. It, and other photos they published, show a much different person than the one who killed 22 in a suicide bombing.

Raids conducted in Abedi’s neighborhood picked up three additional suspects, in addition to his brother. Authorities do not believe Abedi built his bomb, so authorities want to find the bombmaker.

The Daily Mail provides more details.

According to schoolmates of the 22-year-old killer, the pictures were taken near his home in South Manchester and on a trip in his parents’ home country of Libya when he was 14 or 15.

The ‘ordinary’ teenager posing in the new photographs was described as ‘quiet’ and ‘not the sort of kid that stood out’ and showed little interest in religion, friends told MailOnline, adding that he even smoked cannabis.

There is no suggestion any of the people he was pictured with have been involved in any wrongdoing.

He went to Burnage Academy, a boy’s school catering largely to Manchester’s Asian community and was a keen footballer, often playing at the ground at Whalley Range High School where the Manchester United Foundation held soccer sessions, they said.

But a senior US intelligence official claimed today that members of his own family had warned police that he was ‘dangerous’.

One neighbour and schoolmate claimed: ‘None of them were your typical Salafis or religious or extremists. No religion was involved,’ a schoolmate said. A year ago, all of this changed when the killer started hanging out with ‘people I hadn’t seen before.’

‘It was like a turning-point,’ he told MailOnline. ‘He suddenly started hanging out with people I’d never seen before and not his old friends anymore.’

A different schoolmate of the bomber, who was in the same class throughout secondary school, told MailOnline that Abedi had never shown any interest in religion.

However, it is now believed Abedi recieved secret training in Libya in the past month.

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