Today I met with an activist. She is organizing a march entitled simply – We The People support our President. In support of President  Donald J. Trump. When you hear her speak you can sense she’s a woman on a mission. Her passion for America and President Trump’s message “Make America Great Again” are all part of what makes her tick these days. In wake of the negative media blitz, and anti-Trump protests; Cindy brings a message of unity and patriotic support for our president.  This is an exchange I had with her, and this is what she had to say.

Q: You told me you have decided to stand up and be counted for President Trump. Tell me what you are doing.

The Support President Donald J. Trump rally will take place on Sunday.  February, 5th  12 Noon – 3 near Trump Tower.  We are formally gathering by 55th and 5th Ave, many groups are coming together and meeting close by and walking over to Trump Tower  together.  We are asking in lieu of posters, all participants bring American flags and have a wave of patriotism in front of our president’s home.  This rally is purposely scheduled to end by 3 — no Super Bowl excuses.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish?

“The purpose of this march is simple.  We voted in our president and Donald J. Trump was voted as our commander-in -chief.  Those who were voting for Trump before November 8th were told to expect defeat and act like patriotic Americans.  It is time for those who voted for others to take their own advice, and act accordingly based on their own words.  That goes for everyone, the crybabies, the NeverTrumpers, and Hollywood celebs. Give the man and his team a fair chance.

Q: What inspired you to do this march?

My inspiration is that I am an activist, and have organized rallies and events before. Just like KellyAnne Conway, and many of Trumps staff I started out a Cruz supporter. But President Trump is our president, and also like Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz we are going to do everything in our power to make our president a success. He says he supports constitutional values and that’s what I am about.

I am a conservative, a best-selling author, radio show host, and journalist.  I have a voice, and can get people to listen.  I was joking with a friend Sunday night, watching the SAG awards and listening to speech after speech.  My friends said, “Cindy, do something.”  I wrote on social media one little sentence, “Rally for Donald Trump and a rally was born.”  I called Diane Atkins, a grassroots volunteer who knew how to get permits and create a fb page.   Then, this grew, YUGE!!!

Q: Are there any other groups, or organizations involved?

Former Congressman, and Current Queens N.Y GOP Chairman, Bob Turner is one of our featured speakers.  In addition, multiple state and local elected officials from NY and NJ have confirmed.  We also have the endorsement and support of the NY state Conservative Party, and its chair Michael Long.  More than 50 organizations from every background have joined me in support:

  1. Jews Choose Trump

  2. Choose to Refuse the Common Core

  3. Asian Americans for Trump

  4. The National Black Republican Council,

  5. NYS Latino National Republican Coalition

  6. Conservative society for Action

  7. College Republicans from many schools in the 5 boroughs,

  8. Zionists for Trump, and many local Republican, Conservative, tea party groups are coming on board. More are signing on as they find out.

Q: What is your vision for the march? Tell about your patriotism. How you believe this administration has saved the country from whatever, globalism, terrorism, just pour out your heart here.

I keep getting responses from all over the country, it’s about time, or thank god someone is organizing this. I am getting many requests for additional rallies nationwide. People are fed up. They want to be able to walk their street, watch fair and accurate details reported in the media and go to airports freely and safely.

They are also tired of Hollywood elites, and Democrat rant.  Democrats make their voices heard loud and clear.  They burn our flag at their convention, admit in emails they tried to control debates and campaigns and want to have as their leader Keith Ellison, a man who supports Hezbollah, and Louis Farrakan.  Obama leaves office and not more than two weeks passes before he is already speaking out against President Trump.  He should follow the Bush example. Clearly President Bush didn’t agree with Obama’s policies yet he kept quiet and did not interfere in Obamas presidency. People are fed up.

Our rallies will not have children carrying signs with expletives, or people wearing costumes of plastic body parts. You won’t hear threats of blowing up the White House. There won’t be any vulgarities chanted. We are simply here to say we support our republic and are here to give Donald Trump a chance.

I personally want to thank Melania, Barron and the entire Trump family for all the sacrifices they are making.  Donald Trump could be vacationing and playing golf. Instead, he is working tirelessly for our country.

Q: What does having this march mean to you?

It means that I can do something, however big or small.  I am humbled by those who reach out to me and thank me, who want to work with me and appreciate what I am doing.  He who saves one life, saves the world. If this rally makes a difference for one person .then you get what I am saying.

Q: Who do you expect at the March?

Confirmed so far are Bob Turner and Estrada of NYSLNRC and syndicated radio host, Tariq R eh at of the United Pak-American Christian community and leader within the NYS Republican Party.  I have over 50 requests for speakers from every group.  The finalized list will be shared before the event.

Q: It is a one day event? What do you want to do after the event? Will you speak at rally’s around country in the future if asked, exactly how do you want this march to impact the Presidents next four years if at all.

I hope this starts a national movement and I would be happy to speak in person and/or thru interviews.

Q: What do you want people to know about you?

I am a syndicated journalist both in print and as host of Cindy’s Corner Radio Show. The show is currently on hiatus but will be back bigger and through more outlets.  I am a pro-Israel and education activist.  I helped write legislation in NY to over see textbooks, and supplementary materials, teacher professional developments to end bias and inaccurate facts in our classrooms.  I hope to work with the Trump administration, particularly Betsy Devos’s department on this.  I also want to work with the administration. And those elected officials I know on the importance of a strong Israel-American relationship.  This past summer, I made history as I brought together three Jewish candidates running for congress from one state at the same time.  They were lee Zeldin, Phil Rosenthal, and David Gurfein.  I believe Congressman Lee Zeldin is the politician to watch in 2017.  He is young, outspoken, a veteran, a Zionist and was an early trump supporter.

Q: There will be people reading this article and hearing about this march from all over the country. How can you be reached? How can they get involved? How can they help?

Event information can be found here

I can be reached at Fb twitter instagram. [email protected]


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