Maxine Waters as House Speaker? Here’s How Democrats Can Make It Happen

Maxine Waters

If you thought Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker was a sideshow, Democrats are ready to bring you a sequel, starring Maxine Waters. Democrats are floating the idea of making Waters, the California congresswoman, Speaker of the House should the GOP lose the House majority in next year’s elections.

Of course, the idea of the Democrats taking back the House is a long shot, but it isn’t impossible. What seems more impossible is the idea that Democrats could do no better than Waters as their leader. She is, however, one of the few old guard Democrats (emphasis on the old) who want to run the party the way it always has, and keep younger, more aggressive Democrats under heel.

To take the House leadership position, however, she will have to overthrow House Minority Leader (and friend) Nancy Pelosi. Waters should have no trouble throwing Pelosi under the bus, as she has done the same to her constituents for decades.

Waters has become a hero of sorts to Democrats, with her constant calls to impeach President Trump. Her fiery exchange with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin in which she constantly called “reclaiming my time” has become a rallying cry for Democrats. Don’t laugh – that’s all they have to cling to.

Fox News reports on the rumored plan to put Waters in charge of House Democrats.

Democrats have “no reason” to try to make bipartisan legislative deals with President Trump and should instead wait until next year when outspoken Democrat Maxine Waters leads the House and Chuck Schumer leads the Senate, Democratic activist Robert Patillo said Saturday.

“Democrats looking at a president hovering around a 30 percent approval rating have no reason to run into a burning building and try to put it out, when they should instead just wait for 2018 when they have Speaker of the House Maxine Waters and Senate leader Chuck Schumer,” Patillo, an attorney, civil rights activist and Atlanta radio host, told Fox News’ “America’s News Headquarters.”

Democrats next year would have to win a net total of about 35 House seats.

Republicans how hold a 52-48 majority in the Senate, but Democrats next year must defend 25 seats, compared to just eight for Republicans.

Winning 35 seats next year may sound a bit delusional, but then again, we are talking about Democrats here.

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