McDonald’s: Staff Robots ‘CHEAPER’ Than Hiring Workers at $15 Minimum Wage

You are not getting $15 an hour for your minimal skills. You will be replaced by a robot machine you geniuses. Then you won’t have a job at all. 


A former McDonald’s CEO is warning that robots will take over jobs at the huge enterprise – because it’s cheaper than employing humans.

He said that buying highly skilled robotics is cheaper than employing people at the fast food restaurant.

The worrying forecast comes as he warns huge job losses are imminent, and that it’s ‘common sense’ to replace humans in the workplace.

Ed Rensi said: “I was at the National Restaurant Show yesterday and if you look at the robotic devices that are coming into the restaurant industry.


“It’s cheaper to buy a $35,000 (£24,000) robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who’s inefficient making $15 (£10.20) an hour bagging French fries.

“It’s nonsense and it’s very destructive and it’s inflationary and it’s going to cause a job loss across this country like you’re not going to believe.”


He told FOX: “It’s not just going to be in the fast food business. Franchising is the best business model in the United States.

“It’s dependent on people that have low job skills that have to grow. Well if you can’t get people a reasonable wage, you’re going to get machines to do the work.

“It’s just common sense. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not. And the more you push this it’s going to happen faster.”


Getty A “male” robot waiter delivers meals for customers at robot-themed restaurant on May 18, 2015 in Yiwu, Zhejiang province of China. A “male” robot waiter delivers meals for customers at robot-themed restaurant in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China

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A previous study into the future of human employment has predicted a surge in machine-led work such as robotic counsellors, body part makers and virtual lawyers.

The worrying research, by by professor of management practice at London Business School, Lynda Gratton, and futurologist David A. Smith, suggests that humans will be replaced because robots are able to produce better results.GettyImages-473876470

Prof Gratton said: “Studies have suggested that a third of jobs in Europe will be replaced by technology over the next two decades.

Demonstrators demanding an increase in the minimum wage to $15-dollars-per-hour march around a McDonald's restaurant on April 14, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.A Getty Demonstrators demanding an increase in the minimum wage protest in front of a McDonald’s restaurant in Chicago demonstration for workers’ rights

“As middle-skilled roles disappear, workers may find that the ‘rung’ above them no longer exists, and that the career ladder may begin to look more like a career web.

“The ultimate implication is that workers cannot now expect to gain seniority by moving ‘up’, but rather moving sideways by gaining additional complex skills.”

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This is what happens when stupid people just don’t get it. Flipping burgers and frying french fries are what we call ‘starter jobs’. They are intended for high-school kids with minimal skills to get a ‘start’ in the workforce then to go onto bigger and better things. If your life long dream is to work in a greasy burger joint for the rest of your days, you have already failed. -Shockwave

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