Media accuses Trump of shoving foreign leader – OR DID HE? WATCH THE VIDEO

Trump shove

At NATO headquarters in Brussels today, media members accused President Donald Trump of shoving a foreign leader, in order to get a prime spot during a photo opportunity. Video of the incident, however, is open to interpretation.

In the video, President Trump is seen walking past Prime Minister Dusko Markovic of Montenegro. There is a bit of awkward contact, as Trump is seen putting his hand on Markovic as he walks past. A reporter for CNBC first reported it as a shove to get better positioning for cameras, and somehow indicative of American rudeness and Trump’s selfish behavior.

Others, however, see it differently. Markovic appears to stop walking with the group, causing Trump, who is walking behind him, to nearly walk into him. Trump then appears to try to avoid running into him by putting his hand on him as he walks past.

Markovic seemed surprised that Trump was so close to him, and his reaction does make Trump’s contact look aggressive.

The Daily Caller reports.

As President Trump nears the end of what has been a successful foreign trip, he is being accused of shoving a fellow world leader during a NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday.

Video cameras captured footage of Trump grabbing Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic by the shoulder and pushing him out of the way in order to get to the front of a group of other NATO allies.

CNBC reporter Steve Kopack drew attention to the incident. Trump opponents saw the encounter as a brutish shove.

Of course, it’s not clear what was said before and after the scene.

Markovic, who was elected to office in October, did not appear to take issue with Trump’s maneuver. He patted Trump on the back after being nudged aside. Trump then shifted his jacket and tie and struck up a conversation with another world leader standing next to Markovic.

The incident has already proved to be fodder for Internet conspiracy theorists who believe Trump colluded with the Russian government to win the November election.

Russia and its president Vladimir Putin oppose NATO and have attempted to prevent Montenegro from joining the organization. The Montenegrin government officially approved joining the alliance last month.

Here is the video of the supposed “Trump shove.” Prepare to be triggered, liberals!

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