The Media is Ignoring the Awesome Thing Trump Did For Police Working Protests


While spoiled liberal snowflakes throw temper tantrums in the streets, Donald Trump made a classy gesture to police officers working their protests. And of course, the media ignored it.

Protesters have targeted many Trump properties across the country as part of their campaign to discredit the legal and democratic election of Donald Trump. That includes Trump Tower in Chicago, where Trump made a nice gesture to the police officers keeping the liberal hordes at bay.

An individual who appears to be a Chicago police officer reported via Twitter that Trump Tower in Chicago offered a room with a full spread for cops working to monitor the protests. It appears that after the individual posted the video of the spread being offered to cops, he may have gotten negative backlash or even some threats, because he moved his Twitter account to “protected,” which means his tweets are no longer visible to the public. For that reason, we are not disclosing his twitter account or his name. We will not give a liberal a chance to target anyone with their anger.

We did, however, manage to get a clip of a screenshot of the spread being offered.


Of course, with all of the press coverage being given to the protest, this little item received no mainstream media mentions. Surprised?

H/T: TruthFeed

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