Meet The Black Activist Who Teaches That White People Are Racist Demons (SHOCKING VIDEO)

Ashleigh Shackelford

With racial tensions at the highest they’ve been in years, we should all be figuring out ways to defuse the situation. Unfortunately, there are so many people who aren’t willing to do that. They seem to thrive on the controversy, or maybe they love the victim complex they get to flaunt.

Either way, the situation is getting worse when it could be getting better. This isn’t a white or a black issue, people’s individual actions are what define them today. Are they trying to make the world more peaceful, or tear it apart. On such spreader of hatred is Ashleigh Shackelford. Shackelford seems to have a pretty sizable chip on her shoulder about being born black. While it seems more natural to take pride in your ethnicity, she has decided that it’s making her life so much worse, and that white people should pay for it. Literally, she wants money to make up for her being born black. Video of her “racist demon” lecture is included below.

Here are a few of the tweets that illustrate that.

I find it interesting that she goes into this with the assumption that she’s owed something. Were she herself a slave at one time, I’d tend to agree that she’s owed something. As far as I know, she was not, and therefore is not.

Maybe she’s talking about taxes? At least that’s what we hope.

I hope that laziness is a trait that can only be attributed to people on an individual basis. Saying something like that about an entire race would be . . . oh yeah, racist!

I truly feel bad for this woman if she feels like she has to do something like this to survive. Obviously, there are other options though, and it was ultimately a choice that she made, and one that speaks to her character in a big way.

Here’s what you came for. Here is the class that this racist woman who has put herself forth as an educator of the masses is teaching to anyone who will listen.

She proudly posted this all over social media and then doubled down in the replies.

Not all of her readers were a big fan of her open racism though.

No comment.

I suspect there wasn’t a lot of stopping to think at all.

That is exactly what I was thinking, Charles. Thanks for bringing it up.

Racism is a bad thing, there’s no doubt about it. It’s bad because pre-judging someone based on their appearance is not only hurtful, it’s not accurate. Treating someone badly because of the ethnicity they were born into is something that we should all avoid at all costs. That means white people and black people and if there were purple polka dot people it would apply to them too. This isn’t about race, it’s about people and the respect with which we should treat our fellow man.

So much of what you are depends on the choices that you make. Sadly, Shackelford has chosen to be a victim and treat others like they’re trash for the way they look. This is unacceptable, no matter who it’s coming from.

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