Meet the Heroic Teacher Who Stopped the Indiana School Shooter (VIDEO)

indiana school shooting

We now know the identity of the teacher who stopped the Indiana school shooting this morning.

The Daily Mail reports.

The heroic science teacher who was shot as he tackled a student gunman to the ground after he opened fire in his seventh grade Indiana classroom on Friday has been identified as 30-year-old Jason Seaman.

The gunman burst into Seaman’s classroom at Noblesville West Middle School at 9.06am and opened fire, critically injuring a 13-year-old girl.

He had been in the class and returned with two handguns after asking to be excused.

Seaman was also shot but it is not clear if it was before or after he brought the student to the ground and ‘swatted’ the gun out of his hand.

The shooter was arrested shortly afterwards and remains in police custody.

Seaman, 30, is both a science teacher and a football coach at the school and has worked there for four years.

The teenager is in a critical condition at a local hospital. Seaman’s condition is not known.

As shots rang out in the school, terrified students hid in closets and sent petrified emails to their parents telling them that they loved them.

Once the suspect was brought into custody, the children were evacuated onto school buses to be taken to the Noblesville West High School where they will be reunited with parents.

There are 1300 students in the school, according to local media, and around 70 teachers. A school resource officer was there but it is not clear where he or she was stationed.

Police will not reveal the shooter’s identity nor will they say how they think the gunman got the guns into the school.

It remains unclear who the weapons belonged to and how the student got his hands on him. If he is a seventh grader, he is between 12 or 13.

No charges have yet been filed and police say it could be as late as Tuesday that he may appear in a juvenile court because of the Memorial Day holiday on Monday.

Here is video of a police presser.

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