Mexican woman says white people should leave America, BUT by her own logic she should leave too…

So this Mexican woman thinks white people need to get out of America…

Did you see what she did there, because she sure as hell was too busy being an ignorant moron to notice…

This land was Mexican once, was Indian always…

So basically, if white people need to leave then Mexicans need to GTFO too if we are to accept the logic that the…race…that was in America first is the group entitled to have the land now.

She thinks that she can get around this by mentioning she has roots in the Yaqui tribe, which has and does inhabit small parts of the U.S. southwest. She has to invoke both, because if she uses just her Mexican half then the logical conclusion to her argument is that she has just as much claim on the land as she thinks white people assert. Which is to say, none.

So, she has to bring up her Yaqui heritage, or her argument is invalid…except that it’s still invalid.

The Yaqui tribe originated in Mexico, and they only ended up in Arizona after being at war with the Mexican government.

In other words, she claims a heritage that has two sides that were literally at war with each other. The tribe isn’t actually indigenous to the U.S. land she claims to have more of a right to occupy than every American reading this blog post, AND they came to American soil in the first place basically as refugees from Mexico.

So, logically, it makes more sense in her warped mind to tell Americans to get out of a land she technically has no historical claim to, all the while letting Mexico off the hook for driving her tribe north of the border in the first place.

Her grievance should be with Mexico, not Donald Trump and all white people.

Even still, the whole thing is completely idiotic anyway because the entire history of civilization consists of one story after another of a nation rising at the expense of another. The only thing new here is that we have morons who feel guilty about it centuries later and allow dumb opportunists like the woman in this video to spew nonsense about it. Her argument is a straw man anyway, because immigrants are and have always been welcome to come to the United States. The issue is and has always been the legality of their entrance.

So, given all that, what’s the point of her protest? To show how ignorant and racist one person can be in as short amount of time as possible on Twitter?

h/t iOTWReport

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