President Elect Trump has made no qualms about reforming the relationship between Mexico and the United States. But he has also stood his ground in insisting that America would no longer be a doormat and allow illegal immigrants to simply cross our border illegally and do nothing about it. Now Mexico bends the knee to Trump and has agreed to meet with the United States to discuss modernizing the NAFTA deal.

Now it looks like the two countries will work together on this infamous trade deal. News outlets have discussed it and it has been on social media.  Watch the President Elect discuss the NAFTA deal at one of his campaign rallies during the 2016 presidential election.

Mexico’s leader Pena Nieto told reporters the following about the future dealings with NAFTA,

“We’re at the stage of prioritizing the dialogue as the path through which we may be able to establish a new agenda of bilateral relations. More than talking about renegotiating NAFTA, it is modernizing NAFTA. Let us modernize NAFTA so that it becomes a more powerful, modern vehicle.”


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