Michael Brown’s violent and unstable upbringing should cause Black Lives Matter to take note on the real problem in the black community


From The Daily Mail:

The father of the black teenager shot dead by a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri, was a violent abuser who once forced a shotgun into the boy’s mother’s mouth during a fight, she claims in a new book.

Michael Brown Sr left Lezley McSpadden fearing she would die when he pushed the firearm so far down her throat that she choked on it, she writes.

In her memoir, she writes that she could hear their two children crying downstairs and thought: ‘God, please don’t let me kids see this. God, don’t let this man kill me.’

Their relationship was a ‘ticking time bomb’, she said, claiming that Brown Sr was so controlling and paranoid that he once tried to strangle McSpadden in a jealous rage.

In another terrifying incident, he is said to have smashed the windshield of her car with his fist and beat her in front of their son.

While McSpadden was working two jobs to support their family, she claims that Brown Sr was lazy and cheated on her with other women.

The unflinching account is the most detailed yet of how the younger Brown was brought up.

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If “Black Lives Matter” is serious about its namesake then it’s time they realized that the problems of the black community won’t get better without recognizing and attacking root cause of them.

The shooting of Michael Brown was one of the major factors in galvanizing BLM into existence, and his fate was as tragic as it was predictable.

By his mother’s own admission in her new book,  Michael was raised in a home with unmarried parents with an abusive (to the point of almost murdering her), philandering father who didn’t want to work while his mother toiled away at two jobs. Then she moved on to two other boyfriends, one of whom was killed while committing a crime.

It should be a surprise to nobody that Brown grew up to engage in violent and criminal behavior himself, and the galling thing is that given all of this we are supposed to believe Officer Darren Wilson was 100% in the wrong.

It has been well proven by now that kids have the best chance in a household with two parents (with a mother and father, if you wanted to be “politically incorrect” about it from a liberal point of view). Poverty rates are much lower, crime rates are lower, and success in education is much higher.

If “black lives matter” to BLM then they would do better to attack the cycle of poverty and violence rooted in an almost entirely non-existent stable family structure 70% of black children are born into. Focusing on better relations with police departments will only go so far, and probably ultimately fail, until this is addressed.

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