Michael Moore admits Trump won the debate, will be elected!


Michael Moore is a broken man. He is admitting a truth he can’t stand: not only did Donald Trump win the debate, he’ll likely be elected!

In a series of tweets posted Monday night after the debate, Moore told his liberal friends that they are fooling themselves by underestimating Trump. The Daily Caller said:

Michael Moore appeared frustrated on Twitter following the presidential debate, saying Donald Trump “won” and “we all lost.”

The 62-year-old filmmaker warned “pro-Hillary gloaters” against celebrating over how Hillary Clinton did in the debate against the Republican nominee and insisted nothing she did changed things.

Here are the tweets. Enjoy!

We don’t feel the least bit sorry for Moore. He has made a career out of rewriting history and distorting the facts. Now, he sees a Republican who is defining the narrative, regardless of what he and his liberal friends insist.

H/T: AllenBWest.com


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