Michael Savage Warns of Impending ‘Civil War’ – Prepare Yourself Accordingly

michael savage

Political tensions have reached an all time high between the Right and the Left, as the polarization of this country becomes more pronounced.

California has threatened to secede, Donald Trump has received multiple death threats from well known celebrities, and Leftists have been physically assaulting Republicans all throughout the streets. Tensions have not been this high since 1861.

In response, millions of patriots have suggested a million man march—a devastatingly powerful show of force where millions of patriots march through Washington, D.C. exercising their second amendment open carry rights. While this would certainly terrify any and all would-be Trump assassins, many have been warning that violence is inevitable.

Michael Savage, one of the most popular conservative radio talk show hosts, has recently warned of an upcoming civil war. Info Wars reports:

Millions of Americans will revolt if the globalists remove President Trump from office or render him powerless, radio host Michael Savage warned.

Americans could even ‘resort to mob violence’ because they’ll have nothing to lose once they ‘are finally aware of the fact that they’ve been tricked by their society, and that no matter how hard they work as middle-class people’ they have nothing to gain, the Savage Nation host said Friday.

‘That is what’s going to happen in this country,’ he pointed out. ‘You have not yet seen mob violence in this country. You’ve seen some mob violence instigated by George Soros’ mobs.’

He warned that if the Leftists try to “steal our vote,” that there would be dire consequences. “If [the Left] takes Trump down, through Mueller or through any other source and deny Eddie his vote, there will be a civil war in this country.”

While this may have seen overly-dramatic just a year ago, at the pace that modern culture is eroding, Savage may not be too far off the mark. Alex Jones, popular conspiracy theorist and radio show talk host, offers his thoughts, as well.

“We have world leaders…talking about removing the President,” Jones said while on the air. “Then, I get in contact with some of my sources in DC yesterday…and top congressman told him that they’re shopping martial law and the removal of the President. The killing of the President.”

This may seem like something out of a Jason Bourne movie, but unfortunately, it’s not—this is the reality that we’re living in. Fortunately, our founding fathers foresaw the evils that government could enact, and gave us the second amendment right.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The great men that founded this nation understood that ultimately, it’s our responsibility to protect ourselves from tyranny. So when the Deep State, George Soros, and the other global elites threaten to assassinate Donald Trump, rest assured that there will be civil war.

It is not clear who will come out victorious. It is not clear when this assassination attempt will happen, if it ever does. It isn’t even clear whether Savage was speaking the truth, or simply exaggerating for the sake of views. But one thing is for certain: there’s over 300 million firearms in the hands of determined, angry patriots, and if our President is assassinated…there will be war.

Please share this with your family and friends—prepare yourself accordingly.

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